Sports Gists: Planes Banned From Flying Over Home Of Barcelona's Lionel Messi

The expansion of El Prat Airport located in Barcelona have been called to end by Authorities due to the fact that it would lead to more air traffic right above Barcelona's Lionel Messi's mansion located in the coastal town of Castelldefels which of course the noise would be a really big problem for the inhabitants of the mansion.

The officials gave their reasons why the addition of the new runway was abandoned stating that it was due to finanial and environmental reasons.

meanwhile the President of the Spanish low cost airline, Vueling, had a different perspective.
"you cannot pass over where Messi live" he stated in an interview at Barcelona.
"This doesn't happen anywhere in the world" he added, and more.

He even had to buy his neigbours house to keep the noise at minimum and privacy at maximum.