Floyd Mayweather Sued For $2 Million Dollars By Nigerian Company

Zinni, A Nigerian Company claims it was scammed out of thousands of dollars by Popular Boxer Floyd Mayweather for appearances being paid up in advance for which Floyd Mayweather failed to show up and now want their money back, taking legal action against the wealthy American Boxer Floyd Mayweather.

The Company claims to have a video of Floyd Mayweather confirming the deal and so they thought it was all good and wired him $210,000 in advance but few day to the first event Floyd bailed out leaving the Company in disarray.

In the Suit filed by Zinni, they claimed Floyd's reps offered for a reschedule for later and also raised the price to $550,000, and the already wired $210,000 will be held up as a part payment.
Zinni claimed to comply with this and asked for a video for confirmation and Floyd refused to and said nothing about the already wired funds.

Now Zinni is taking legal action against Floyd in a federal court in California with claims that Floyd Mayweather defrauded them and damaged their reputation and will be confronted with a whooping $2 million Dollars.