Two Women Injured As Fence Collapse Due To Neglectivity

It was an awful day on the 9th day of June 2018 for two women who are currently going through pains right now as a half broken fence of a government owned school, Ogodo Primary School, Sapele, Delta State fell on both women inflicting both with injuries but thankful no life lost.

Reports from reliable sources, the neglected half broken fence fell on both women returning from church service that very day leaving them with broken bones. According to the victims reports has been sent to the Sapele Local Government Chairman but no response yet till now. According to the victims, The Sapele Local government chairman has refused to pay a visit to them which he claimed to have.

The victims are appealing to the local or state government to come to their aide due to their financial inability to take care of the sudden demise as their life and well being is at stake