7th Day Of July; Lagos Police Issue Warning To Members Of The Aye Confraterternity Group

The Lagos State Police Command stated recently that they have received credible intelligence that members of some unlawful society such as the Aye, Eiye, Buccaneers and rest are going around town serving notices to rival gang in the vicinity that they would hold a gathering on Saturday. 7/7/2018 at different undisclosed location in their vicinity.

According to the information, the 7th day of the 7th month July has always been sacred the these groups especially the members of the Aye Confraternity which marks its anniversary and most likely to settle scores with members of the rival group. A day of so many happenings around the country.

The Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Imohimi Edgal, sends out massive warnings to members of these groups will be viewed an unlawful assembly with the intent to all commit felony,   and any one caught involved with the this promiscuous act will be visited with th full weight of the law.

Also stating that no group should disrupt the peace of Nigerians who put up their best to make the country peaceful.

He also stated that members of the public should blow whistle if any case of outlaw is observed.
the Lagos Cp also warns parents whose children are members of these various groups to beware and caution their children to not only renounce cultism but denounce it in all ramifications.