Tupac's Death; Kefee D Confesses, Played A Role In Tupac's Murder After Revealing He's Dying Of Cancer

A former gangster linked to the murder of  Late Black American Tupac Shakur finally opens up about his role in the murder of the star Tupac Shakur. Duane Keith Davis also known as Kefee D an uncle to an alleged suspect Anderson say he was present in the car when one of his crew pulled the trigger at Tupac Shakur but woudn't disclose.

The Unsolved findings of the Tupac and Biggie murders has been released based on a major Los Angeles Police Department task force probe headed by former cop Greg Kading.

His findings was based on a a secret confession tape by Kefee D when he had Immunity from prosecution.

I was a Compton Kingpin, drug dealer, I am the only one alive who can really tell you story about the Tupac killing. People have been after me for Over 20 years. I'm coming out now because I have cancer and I have nothing else to lose . All I care about now is the truth
 Keefe D further explains how his nephew Anderson was beaten up by Tupac and his entourage , he went looking for revenge. Tupac and his crew some of whom were associated with LA gang The Bloods attacked Orlando Anderson in the lobby at a Casino in Las Vegas.

Compton based Anderson was reportedly a rival gang member who previously robbed a medallion from one of tupac team. The Shooter Cadillac was driven by Terrence T-Brown  with DeAndre Dre Smith sitting behind. Keefe D was at the paasengers right beside the driver while Anderson sat behind him.

Keefe D refused to name the actual shooter due to street code but revealed it came off from the back seat men.